Brian Bick

DOB:    March 30th 1971 
Nickname:     U K N O W N

 ::  A b o u t   B r i a n  ::

Though Brian has a reputation of being an extreme and overly aggressive bass player, DARK ROOTS wide variety of musical genres gives him the opportunity to spotlight all his talents that metal bands bury behind the guitars and drums.

Not only does Brian get to play from his heart and let his influences shine through such as Steve Harris, Geezer Butler, Flea, and Les Claypool,

DARK ROOTS encourages him to play to his hearts content.

Brian was born on March 30th 1971 in Haverhill Ma. He began piano lessons in preschool.  At 10 years old he discovered Black Sabbath and started playing bass guitar. By his mid teens Brian had become an accomplished bass player. In 1988 his band won the WHEB rock 101 battle of the bands.

Brian played around a little with the six string and had a few years of classical guitar lessons, he plays the violin, cello and piano but his one true love is the electronic bass. No other instrument has the heart and power of the electric bass.


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